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John y Marie Plakos donadores de obras de Roberto Montenegro replican al periodico Excelsior

Carta de John y Marie Plakos al periódico Excélsior.
5 de Noviembre de 2012

Estimado Sr. Edgar Hernandez
Editor de la Seccion de Comunidad.
Nuevo Excelsior.

Por favor de aclarar lo referente a la colección de Roberto Montenegro que doné a la Colección del Sr. Blaisten

l, Dr. John Plakos, first met Roberto Montenegro while serving as a Cultural Attache for the American Embassy in Mexico City.

I introduced my wife Dr. Marie Plakos to Montenegro, and over the years we were very fortunate to have developed a personal relationship with him. We became serious collectors of his art works to the point that we had 104 pieces of his creations which we purchased directly from Montenegro.

We knew that the collection should be returned to Mexico. Over the years, we visited several museums in Mexico with the idea of donating our collection back to Mexico. In December 2010, we visited the Museo Coleccion Blaisten in Mexico City, and met Mr. Andres Blaisten who gave us a personal tour of his collection. We were so impressed with Mr. Blaisten, and his personal collection, that we decided that our collection of Montenegro works should be donated to Mr. Blaisten. The first contract with Mr. Blaisten was agreed upon by both parties in February, 2011, and the collection was sent to Mexico by us and received by Mr. Blaisten in March 2011. A formal contract was executed on October 18, 2011, and was witnessed by Charles McClellan, Vice Consul, of the United States of America.

The collection was directly donated to Mr. Blaisten and never donated to the UNAM.

Drs John and Marie Plakos

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